Meet the Pengualas!
General Facts About this Hatchimal

pengualas - picture

If you want to give the gift of endless joy, bring your child home a Penguala. Pengualas are one of the three types of Hatchimals you can buy, but you’ll still get an exciting surprise. Bring back the egg and your child can nurture and care for it. The egg will respond to the power of human touch and the magic of friendship. It will respond with sounds, pecks, and light that lets them know that their friend wants to enter the world. Before long, they’ll see its little pink beak start to peck its way through the soft shell slowly. With your child’s encouragement, it will work its way through the shell, and the top will pop right off. What’s inside? It’s their new best friend!

What Are PenguAlas?

A Penguala is a magical little creature available only in the world of Hatchimals. Just like a penguin, it’s got a chubby little body and a tuft of features on the top of its head. As soon as your child sees its beady little eyes, they’ll know that they’ve made a new friend. There are two types of Pengualas. The adorable pink ones, and the vibrant red and yellow ones. Which one will your child get? You’ll never know until it hatches!

What Do They look Like?

The one thing that your child's Penguala craves is a friend. Play with it, sing with it, dance with it, and simply have fun. There is nothing in the world that they’ll love more. Starting as a baby, your kid's Penguala needs them to teach it. It will learn your child’s voice and create a unique bond with them that they’ll have both treasures for years to come. In fact, the Penguala will even learn the words spoken to it and repeat them back as a sign of affection.

How Do they Grow?


With love and attention, Pengualas will develop through three distinct stages of life. Starting as a baby, it will be up to your kid to teach their friend how to walk, how to talk, and how to play games. Once it grows up to become a toddler, it will already know the sounds of your child’s voice and know a few different games. Once it reaches childhood, the Penguala will know how to sing, dance, play games, all based on how your child raised it. This makes every Hatchimal unique, something that can never be replaced by another toy.

Why a PenguAla Makes a Great Friend

So many toys these days are one sided. Your child uses their imagination to create a world of possibilities restricted only by their creativity. But with a baby Penguala, so much more is possible. It will know your child personally, helping to develop a bond that is yet to be replicated by any other toy. Pengualas will teach care, compassion, and love. It’s so much more than just a simple toy. The moment it emerges from its egg is a magical memory that will never be repeated. With hundreds of unique features, there is almost no limit to the adventures that wait in store.