Meet the Owlicorns!
General Facts About this Hatchimal

owlicorns - picture

With Hatchimals now on the market, your child can begin the magical journey of raising their furry little friend. There are five different species to choose from, and Owlicorns are one of them! What makes Owlicorns different from the other four types of Hatchimals, you ask? Well, keep reading this post and you will find out soon enough. 

What is an Owlicorn?

Owlicorns are mystical little creatures, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s got many of the same qualities you’d expect from an owl. Friendly, observant, and especially playful. But like a unicorn, it’s got a magical personality, unlike anything your child has experienced before. Owlicorns love attention. They want your kid to love and care for it and can respond by telling them how they feel. Owlicorns are not just a simple toy for your children to play with, it’s a bonding experience unlike anything on the market.

There are two types of Owlicorns. The boys are light blue with a fuzzy pink belly that you just can’t help but rub. The girls are pink, with beady little eyes that will tell your kid exactly how they are feeling. Both of them have a set of wings that will flutter with excitement when your child plays with them.

Which one will you get? The only way to find out is to hatch one of your own.

Remember, these Owlicorns are a Toys "R" Us exclusive Hatchimals, you can only get them through their stores. ​So, if you are looking to buy one, you certainly have to go as soon as you can as the exclusivity of the toy makes them such a hot commodity and this means that it might be unavailable in a few weeks especially with Christmas right around the corner and thousands of people looking to get their hands on one. 

Hatching an Owlicorn

When you first give the gift of a Hatchimal, they’ll start out as an egg. There is a pleasant surprise inside, and the only way to find out who your child will get is by nurturing it out of its shell. Play with it, carry it around and show it some affection until it’s ready to come out. Before your kid know it, they’ll see it’s little beak start to peck its way out of the egg. But it can’t do it on its own; it needs your child's love and encouragement while it emerges from its shell.

Raising your pet

Your kid is the proud new owner of a baby Owlicorn. With your child's help, they’ll be able to raise it from a baby to a toddler to a kid, just like them. How will they know when it’s growing up? The Hatchimal will sing a chorus of “Hatchy Birthday” do everyone’s delight.

What can your kid teach their Owlicorn? Over time, they’ll help it learn to dance, play, and enjoy hours of countless fun. This type of Hatchimal will surely be enjoyed by many! Click here to see more of the other toys. 

Bonding with the pet


As its owner, your kid's Owlicorn looks up to then. It knows their voice and will start to repeat back the things they say to it. Speak kindly to their little friend while they play games and have fun, and it’ll learn to love and bond with your kid just like its parent would. Want to know how your Owlicorn is feeling? It's eyeing light up different colors depending on how you interact with it. Before too long, you’ll find out when your furry companion is feeling at all times. You’ll know when it’s time to play games when to sing songs, or just give him a reassuring pet.

The Fun is in The Surprise

When you bring home a Hatchimal for your kid, they’ll never know what they’re going to get! They might have a friendly little blue boy Owlicorn, or a playful little girl. There is only one thing they will know for sure, inside of that egg is a companion they’ll treasure for years to come.