Meet the Draggles!
General Facts About this Hatchimal

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Draggles are one of the most popular types of Hatchimals. While they are descended from dragons, these won’t breathe fire! Instead, they’ve got nothing but love and affection for you and your child. Draggles come in a big spotted egg. Bring one home, and let your child unravel the mystery. Which Draggle will your kid get? There is only one way to find out, and that is ordering as soon as you can because the Draggles are a hot commodity right now. And no one knows how long they will be available especially with Christmas rolling right around the corner. 

​Right now, hundreds of thousands of people are looking to get their hands on these Hatchimals. So, if you are looking to buy one for your kid, you will definitely have to hop on the internet and purchase one as soon as you can because they are as hot as hot can ever be. People are even trying their best to collect each and every single type of Hatchimal available, which is a huge part of the whole fun these collectible toys. Having said that, it's time for you to hop online and buy your own today.

What Are Draggles?

Draggles are your child's fuzzy little friends from the world of Hatchimals. With expressive eyes and little flappy wings, these little guys are unlike anything they’ve seen before. Draggles are reliable, friendly, and seek the attention of their owners. They’ll learn your child’s voice, forming a unique bond and repeating back the love and affection your child gives them. They come in blue and green, the most vibrant and expressive colors in the Hatchimals line. One of the things that make them unique is their little-spotted wings, which will flutter with excitement every time your child engages it.

Meeting Your Kid's Draggle

Before your child meets their new Draggle for the first time, they’ll have to bond with it for the first time. Unboxing the big spotted egg is a magical moment that will live on in their memory. From there, they need to use the power of encouragement to get their Draggle ready to hatch. Soon, they’ll feel it moving from inside the egg. Bit by bit, it’ll peck their way out. Once the top comes off, they’ll meet their Draggle for the first time.

Growing with the Draggle


Bonding with the Draggle is a new experience for both your kid and the pet. Starting as a baby, their new friend relies on them to show them the bright new world they live in. Through its eyes, it can communicate with its owners. It will tell your kid how it is feeling, with each color having a different meaning. As your child speaks to their Draggle, it’ll learn their voice. Once they’ve bonded, it’ll grow into the next stage of life by breaking out into song. Each new stage brings a whole new range of skills and games that your child can enjoy. Because it is learning from their owners, every new Draggle is a new experience.

Draggle Can Teach Your Children

Hatchimals are an incredible new interactive toy, unlike anything your kid has ever seen before. From the time your kid's first meet their new Draggle, the way they speak and interact with him defines their personality. They will respond to your baby's voice, play their favorite games, and learn their likes and dislikes. It’s so much more than just a toy; it’s a new friend waiting to play. This means that your kid's Draggle isn’t just teaching children a new game, they are teaching them about compassion and friendship. To grow into the next life stage, children need to pay attention to the Draggles needs and interact with it in a caring way. Neglecting the feelings of the Draggle will prevent it from growing, so children are rewarded when they focus on their friendship with him. This makes Draggles, and all Hatchimals for that matter, a truly one of a kind experience that has never before been possible.

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