Meet the Burtles!
General Facts About this Hatchimal

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Who’s this fuzzy little guy? It’s a Burtle! As one of the newest members of the Hatchimal family (only exclusive to Walmart), your kid's Burtle can't wait to meet its new friend. The first thing your child will notice is that it is only cute as a bug. If its little curly antennas didn’t give it away, that’s because it's one part bug and one part turtle! Just like our little-winged friends, it is both peppy, energetic, and full of happiness. Once your child get to know it, they’ll see a bit more of his turtle side: reliable, careful, and strong willed. Hatchimals are the best-selling toys this year, but your kid's Burtle is unique. Available exclusively from Wal-Mart only, every kid on the block will be jealous of your child’s new best friend.

Remember, this type of Hatchimal is a limited edition toy that you can only purchase from a Walmart near you. They are unique, that is why toy collectors are going crazy trying to buy one of these Burtles from Walmart. The stocks might be a little low, so you might have to run down there as soon as possible to be able to grab one. This toy exclusivity is another thing that makes collecting Hatchimals so exciting and fun to play with. You can have different ones and the more you have the more fun you can have. 

​What Are Burtles?

​Burtles are not just another toy; it’s a magical experience that can bring your child years of happiness. There are blue Burtles and purple Burtles. Which one will they be getting? It’s a mystery! When they open up the box, they’ll find a magical speckled egg. Their exclusive Burtle is cooped up inside, waiting to meet its family. Your kid might not realize it, but this unique moment will live on in your child’s memories for years to come.

This is surely one of the better Christmas gifts that you can ever give to your kid this coming Yuletide season. ​

Meeting Your KId's limited edition hatchimal

As your child holds the egg in their hands, the magic of human touch will bring their Burtle to life. Glowing eyes can be seen through the egg, and they’ll feel it starting to move. It’ll call out with excitement to its new friends, and start to peck its way through the egg. But it can’t do it on its own; it’ll need your child's words of encouragement to work its way through. Before they know it, the top will come off, and their baby Burtle will see its friends for the first time.

Growing the pet


As a baby, your kid's limited edition Burtle needs its friends to show it the world. It’ll laugh, giggle and play with your child, slowly learning to speak. The Burtle hears everything from its buddies, repeating the things they say. It recognizes your kid’s voice and will be simply ecstatic to see them soon. His eyes changes color to tell your child its mood. They’ll know when it wants to sing, dance, or play a game. At first, it won’t know a lot. But once your child spends enough time with it, it’ll evolve into the next stage of life. It’ll grow into a toddler, and eventually into a child that has over 200 unique features that are waiting to be discovered.

The Lesson of Friendship​ for your kid

A Burtle isn’t just another exclusive toy; it’s the newest member of the family. Your child will be his best friend, and it’ll learn a lot about them. It’ll hear their voice, their favorite songs, and their favorite games. But just like any friend, it has his feelings as well. Its job is to teach your child about friendship. For it to grow into the next stage of life, it needs your child's friendship to get there. It might start off singing your child's favorite song, but eventually it’ll want to pick one of its own.

Concepts like sharing and compassion are tough for young children to understand, but a Burtle makes these lessons fun. Each member of the Hatchimal family has their unique traits, but Burtles sets themselves apart with their unique look and personality. Available and exclusive only from Wal-Mart, the Burtle is the gift that every child wants as their Christmas gift.

Why are they only exclusive to Walmart?

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So, there you have it. Another exclusive toy from the Hatchimals family, these limited edition cutiepies can only be bought at Walmart. It's the same concept as with Bearakeets and Owlicorns as both of them are exclusive only from Target and Toys "R" Us respectively. 

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If you want to get your hands on a sweet, cute Burtle then please visit your nearest Walmart store as its the only place where you can buy them. They won't be available online except from the official website only. Have fun hunting! ​