Meet the Bearakeets!
General Facts About this Hatchimal

bearakeets - picture

Looking for a unique gift for your child? Bearakeets are a new, one of a kind type of Hatchimal that’s available exclusively through Target! These furry little creatures have the frumpy attitude of a bear and the perky enthusiasm of a parakeet. They come in two different colors. Both of them have pink bellies, but your kid will receive one with either black or white skin. Which one will your child receive? It’s a surprise! Bring home the egg and unravel the mystery.

​These amazing little creatures are unique, they have their own special features that make them more special than the others. And remember, you can only purchase them through a Target store near you. The Bearakeet won't be available anywhere else. Kids from all over the world are already bugging their parents to buy them one of these mystical creatures for their Christmas gift this coming holiday. Read more below to find out more about this awesome Hatchimal. 

What Are Bearakeets?

Bearakeets (limited edition) are a brand-new breed of Hatchimal only exclusive from Target. With the explosive popularity of Hatchimals, every kid on the block is going to have one. When you bring home this rare and unique creature, your child will be ecstatic to be one of the lucky few who gets to make friends with a Bearakeet. What can these limited edition toys do? They’re a virtual toy that come to life before your kid's very eyes. They can talk, dance and play with over 200 unique functions that are waiting to be discovered.

Meeting THe Bearakeet

Meeting your kid's new best friend is a magical experience that they will never forget. When they first open the box, their Bearakeet is waiting patiently for them from inside of the egg. To hatch, it’ll need your kid's help! Hold the egg and offer words of encouragement. Before too long, glowing little eyes will start to peer out from the egg. They’ll hear it say speak, and slowly start to become more energetic. Soon, it’ll be ready to emerge from the egg. But it can’t do this on its own. Your child has got to share words of encouragement to help motivate its through this task. Slowly but surely, it’ll peck its way through the egg. Once the top pops off, your kid will be the proud new owner of an exclusive baby Bearakeet.

Growing With Your kid's Pet


Bearakeets are so much more than just a toy. They’re a friendship that your kid will treasure for the rest of their lives. Starting out has babies, these creatures are excited to see the world for the first time. Through love and affection, your kid's new friend will come to learn their voice. It’ll repeat things back to your child, learning new games along the way. When the time is right, a chorus of “hatchy birthday” will signify its evolution into a new stage of life. Bearakeets grow into toddlers, then into children as your kid laughs and plays with it. Each stage of life brings a new set of games and fun, so your child will never get bored.

its More Than Just a Toy

Children learn and grow through play. With most toys, the only limitation is their imagination. With their new Bearakeet, they’ll learn something that can’t be taught by any other object – the power of friendship. Their eyes change color to signify their mood. For your kid's pet to grow into the next stage of life, your child needs to take their needs into consideration. This abstract concept is not easy for children to learn, but Bearakeets and all Hatchimals are a unique way to learn this lesson.

Why are Bearakeets only Exclusive to Target?


So, if you haven't heard. There are five different types of Hatchimals, the Pengualas, Burtles, Draggles, Owlicorns and Bearakeets. The Draggles and Pengualas are both available online and in most retail stores while Burtles is a Walmart exclusive and Owlicorns being a Toys "R" Us exclusive. These three limited edition toys can only be bought from their respective stores which kind of makes the hunt so much more fun. 

Having that said, if you are looking to buy the limited edition Bearakeets then you will have to go to a Target store near you to get this exclusive toy before it runs out. Target will surely have more stock when Christmas rolls around but you can't be too sure as people are going crazy over these amazing interactive toys. So, remember to visit a Target store as soon as you can!