What are the Different Types of Hatchimals?

The newest toy of the year has arrived. The Hatchimals are the latest trend that has hit the world of toys. They are these cuddly, interactive and mysterious animals that your kid just won't be able to help themselves but enjoy. Starting out as an egg, your Hatchimal will have to be taken care of before it can grow and be able to hatch out of its own egg and out into the real world. Each toy will come with an instruction guide that will be able to help your kid figure out how to use all of its features. Once its out of the egg, the Hatchimal will have a bunch of games and skills that your child will be able to enjoy. It's like having a real cute friend that is just in the form of a toy. There are five different kinds, and to know more about them just keep reading on down below. 

At present, that there are at least three distinct magical species of Hatchimal:

bearakeets - picture

Each of them has its own set of different features, forms, and colors.

The Pengualas are a pink penguin-type creature, relaxed and clumsy.

The Draggles are purple and green dragon-based creatures, friendly but headstrong.

Finally the Owlicorns, an owl-unicorn hybrid, shy but bright.

There is no way to tell what creature will hatch from your child’s egg and surely more types of Hatchimal will be created and announced in the future. The mystery will keep your child guessing while they nurture and care for their Hatchimal egg, and their interactivity will produce a unique personality in each Hatchimal for your child to become friends with.

This is what makes this toy such a craze for youngsters, the mystery that shrouds the animal before the egg hatches is such a hit with kids these days. With the popularity of this toy increasing over the next few months, only expect to have more varieties of Hatchimals shortly.