The Toys “R” Us Limited Edition Hatchimal – Owlicorns

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A new toy craze is in town, populating the Christmas wish lists of kids from all over. It's almost impossible not to have heard of these toys unless you've been living under the rock for the past few months. Called "Hatchimals," these furry creatures have been on retailer's Top Toys for 2016 lists, despite having only been out on the market for a couple of weeks (the toys were only made available for purchase on the 7th of October).

WhY are these Hatchimals Exclusive?

It's easy to see why stores keep on running out of Hatchimals for the past few weeks. They're furry, they're cute, they're adorable- all the makings of a toy hit. But there's more to them than what meets the eye. A Hatchimal, unlike other stuffed animal toys, initially comes in an egg. And as the name "Hatchimal" suggests, this egg needs to be hatched first before your kid can play with the creature inside.

Think of Hatchimals like a cross between a Tamagotchi and a Furby. Your child will raise it as it grows from egg to a baby, to a toddler, and finally, to its kid form. But first, your kid has to hatch it. Just play with the egg, interact with it, touch it and rub it, and soon they'll find themselves with a Hatchimal in their hands. They can even hear the sound of the creature's "heartbeat" if they press their ear to the egg.

You'll know that your kid's Hatchimal is ready to hatch if they can see rainbow eyes glowing through the eggshell. The Hatchimal will soon peck its way out of the shell in a moment, and be sure to be there when it hatches!​

Owlicorn - Limited edition Toys"R" Us Hatchimal

Currently, there are five species of Hatchimals that your kid can take care of. There's the Draggle, Penguala, Burtle, Bearakeet, and Owlicorn. The last three Hatchimals are exclusive to specific retailers (Walmart, Target, and Toys"R" Us respectively), while the first two aren't exclusives and can be freely purchased through other sellers.

Probably one of the most in-demand Hatchimals today is the limited edition Owlicorn. This cute little owl and unicorn hybrid will surely charm its way into their heart with its cute little green eyes and teeny, tiny blue horn on its head. It comes in two colors - pink and blue- though they really wouldn't know what Owlicorn color they'll end up with unless they hatch the egg first.

Remember, though; the Owlicorns is a Toys"R" Us exclusive. They can only get it from Toys"R" Us outlets. Stocks are currently in limited supply right now but are expected to pick up again when the holiday season rolls along.​ But surely, these limited edition toys are going to be running out around the holidays so you should order yours soon!

How do you play with it?


Your kid's baby Owlicorn Hatchimal has just recently hatched! What do they do?

Well, after hatching, the Hatchimal is now in its baby form. They can instruct it to interact with them in a few different ways. It can walk, talk, dance, and play games with them. And once it reaches their next growth stage, the Hatchimal will sing itself a "Hatchy Birthday" song to entertain them with its antics.​

why the limited edition toys "r" us version is better?

Though Hatchimals are usually compared to Tamagotchis and Furby-like toys that are in the market, it's remarkably different because your kid helps the creature to hatch from its egg form. It won't hatch unless they encourage it to. This gives kids the chance to fully get themselves involved in the raising of their Hatchimal pet.

There's also the fact that they will need to interact with the Hatchimal itself physically. Manufacturer Spin Master made it a point that the toy wouldn't be controlled through a mobile app or a remote control. James Martin, head of Spin Master's robotics department, mentioned that this was a conscious manufacturing decision on their part. Kids are already exposed to a lot of screens on a day-to-day basis, and it's best that they can physically interact with the toy as if it were a real pet instead of a remote-controlled one.

So, should you buy Hatchimals this Christmas? It's a resounding yes. If you want a cute, furry, and adorable toy that your child can take care of from an egg to kid form, then these toys are perfect for your Christmas list. It's just like having a real live pet without the hassle of owning one. Make sure to get the limited edition Owlicorn on your next Hatchimal purchase!​

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