How to Play with your Hatchimals
Instructions & Guides

Hatchimals are the newest craze in town. They are mysterious and magical creatures that will need your kid's love and attention to grow and hatch. With the proper nurture and care, your child's toy can grow out to be their new cute and cuddly friend.

With five different Hatchimals to choose from, your kid will have five times more fun possible! These interactive toys are simple to play with but there are a few things that your kid will have to learn to utilize all of the functions of the toy. We have listed down all the possible, talents, skills, games, and functions that these amazing Hatchimals have so your child won't have to worry about missing out on anything cool. ​So, if you want to teach your kid how to play with these toys, then keep reading on to find out more information and instructions on how to use or play with them. 

Contents of the Product

These are the items that come with every purchase of the toy. They are all sealed carefully in the box which also protects the toy inside.

  • Hatchimal in egg
  • Instruction booklet
  • Reference Guide
  • 2x AA batteries (already inside the toy)

How to Safely Unbox the Hatchimal

Every single Hatchimal is packaged in a very particular way to ensure it's protected. Unboxing the toy is just as important as your kid will need the help of an adult to do it as its an important part of the process.

Here is how to safely unbox the toy:

  • Carefully cut and remove the tape tabs on the packaging/box
  • Lift the plastic top off and lay the box on its back
  • Insert a finger into the top hole and slowly slide the product from inside the box
  • Remove the tapes that are holding the plastic to the cardboard
  • There are two plastic locks that needs to rotate 90 degrees to unlock the Hatchimal and make it come to life

How to Hatch your Hatchimal


1. Holding THe egg

Your kid's Hatchimals need a lot of love, and they can show their love by holding the egg. The right way to do it is to hold the egg's bottom, and that will make the Hatchimal's eyes glow pink, and you'll be able to hear its heartbeat. 

When they see 'light blue eyes' and hear a shivering sound, it means that theur pet is cold. The can make it feel better by rubbing the bottom of the egg.

2. Tilting the egg

Gently hold the egg on both sides using both of hands. Then tilt the egg back and forth to initiate a playing motion with it. At first, the Hatchimal will enjoy the fun time, but if it is done too much, it will feel dizzy. An indication of this is its eyes are lighting up in green.

3. Tapping the egg

When the Hatchimal is quiet, that means it is trying to listen to your kid. Gently tap the egg on the side to let your kid's pet know that they are working to communicate with it, they will usually tap back and match your kid's rhythm. They love tapping back to your child!

Hatchimals Eye Colors - What do they mean?

red eyes on the egg

Red Eyes

This means that your kid's pet is upset. Your child can make them feel better by rubbing the bottom of the egg.

Orange Eyes

This means that the Hatchimal needs to burp. Your kid can help them out by gently patting on the back of the egg.

Orange Eyes (Flashing)

This means that your kid's pet has the hiccups. Gently tap the side of the egg to help scare them and get rid of the hiccups.

Green Eyes

This means that the Hatchimal isn't feeling too well. Your kid can either rub the bottom of the egg to make it feel better or tilt the egg to contribute to making it sneeze. 

Dark Blue Eyes

This means that the pet feels scared. Your child can rub the bottom of the egg to comfort it. Or your kid can always tap the side of the egg to scare it more! Oh no!

White Eyes

This means that the Hatchimal is going to sleep or feeling sleepy. Your kid can wake it up by rubbing it or tilting the egg.

*It takes roughly 20-30 mins of play for the Hatchimal to start hatching.*

What to do When its Hatching?


When the egg starts to flash rainbow eyes, that means that it is about to Hatch. Do not worry as it will not hatch without your kid around.

Your child can encourage them to hatch by rubbing the bottom of the egg, and that will make them peck the egg. Their eyes will flash consistently while they peck the egg. Continue rubbing the egg to make the Hatchimal hatch faster. 

If the Hatchimal suddenly falls asleep while hatching, your kid can set it down on a flat surface for a little bit then pick it back up to resume the process.

Once they have pecked enough of the egg, your child can help them out by gently peeling off the parts of the shell. Times may vary for this section of the process. This whole process can take up to 30 mins. Your kid can keep removing pieces of the egg to speed up to hatching. Once your child has peeled off enough of the pieces, your kid can safely remove the toy from inside the egg. They will hear a click once they pull out the animal from inside the egg.

The next thing that your child needs to do is to remove the plastic around the wings, and they are almost done. Your child can press your Hatchimal's belly to make it sing "Hatchibirthday". 

Caring for THE Hatchimal

Baby Stage

Cuddling the Hatchimal will help them grow up. Your child can do this by petting their heads. Their eyes will turn pink, letting them know that they like it. And, in return, they will say "I love you.".


Feeding a Hatchimal. Your kid can tilt the toy forward and illustrate a pecking motion. This will allow their pet to feed. Do it enough, and their Hatchimal will be happy. Do it too much, and their pet will feel too full and will need to burp to feel better. They can make it burp by rubbing the top of its head.


Entertaining the toy is one of the key things as well when it comes to its growth. When they see their eyes turn yellow, that will indicate that it wants to play with them. They can play with their pet by tickling them or tilting (swaying) them side to side.


Comforting the Hatchimal. When your kid's pet's eyes turn green, there are a few ways to deal with it. Your child can pet the head to make them feel better. They can also tilt them forward when its feeling sick, or they can press on the belly to make it cough.

Toddler Stage

​Your child's pet is now growing fast, and it is time to teach them more skills. Your kid will know this when their eyes start to light up in rainbows.

Teaching the Hatchimal how to talk is one of the key things on this stage. Your kid can squeeze its bellies until their eyes turn teal, it will say something. They can say something back then release its stomach. Now, it will repeat what they just said. 


​Teaching the pet how to walk. Your kid can cycle through the menu by pressing their bellies repeatedly until their eyes turn bright white. This means that it is waiting for a command. Clapping once with make the Hatchimal move forward, clapping twice will get them to spin around. Be careful though! Making them spin around continuously might make them dizzy!


To teach the pet how to dance, your kid can press its belly to cycle through the menu and wait for the music to turn up. When the eyes turn purple, they can tap it on the head and there they go! It's time to dance!

Your kid can also repeatedly tap it on the head to do different beats. Then if your child want to pause the music, they can tilt their pet upside down for a sec and then place it on a surface. To start the music again, they can tilt them again upside down to resume the party!


Kid Stage

​Now that they have grown their pet from a baby into a toddler and now into a kid. Now that they have gotten this far, they'll be glad to know that they have remembered everything that they've taught it over the course of the past two processes. They can access these by pressing on the belly and cycling through the menu to see what it has in store.

There are a few games that your child can play on their Hatchimal:


Silly sounds. To cycle through the menu, your kid can press its belly until its eyes are flashing green. Then they can tap its head or wait three seconds to activate silly sounds. The Hatchimal will then start to make sounds with patterns. It is your kid's job to try to emulate the patterns if they get ten patterns right then they win!


Tag. To cycle through the menu its belly until its eyes turn flashing red. Your child can tap its head or wait three seconds to activate that game. The Hatchimal will now start moving around and flash two different eye colors. If their eyes are blue, it means it's a fake out (do not let your kid tap). If their eyes are red, it means your child should tag them by tapping on its head. They will need fifteen tags to win the game!


Hatchimal Says. To cycle through the menu, press its belly until its eyes are flashing blue. Your kid can tap its head or wait for three seconds to activate the game. Your child will have to do whatever their pet tells them to do. Red means your kid has to tap it on the head. Pink means that they have to press its belly. Blue means they have to tilt it upside down. The longer that your kid plays, the faster the commands will be. They will need fifteen straight correct answers to win the game.


Psychic Hathchimal. To cycle through the menu press its belly until its eyes are flashing orange. Your kid can tap their head or wait three seconds to activate the game. When the light turns into solid orange, they can go ahead and ask their Hatchimal "yes" or "no" questions. The toy can answer a yes, no or a maybe to your kid when they ask questions. 

Installing Batteries

Your kid will need an adult to help them to use a screwdriver to unlock the battery cartridge to replace or install the batteries. Follow the polarity signs on the batteries and put them in. The last thing that they will need to do is to make sure that the batteries are placed in properly and the cover is screwed back in correctly to avoid the batteries from falling out.

Turning On/Off/Reset

Inside of the Egg

  • To make the Hatchimal go to sleep, simply tilt the get upside down for at least eight seconds.
  • To make the Hatchimal wake up, your kid can hold the bottom of the egg with two hands until it is awake.

Out of the EGG

  • To reset. First thing your child needs to do is to turn on the toy (turning on the switch) and using a pin to press the "reset" button for three seconds.
  • To use half volume. Press and hold the Hatchimal's belly then turn on the toy while doing it. Hold it for more than three seconds and that will put the toy into the half volume mode.