Hatchimals – The Latest Toy Craze of 2017
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What is a Hatchimal?

Your kid may not have heard of this toy yet, but that is because everything about it is being kept under wraps. Within the toy scene, there has been a rumbling about a new toy coming soon, one expected to hit the shelves and be an instant hit. They are called "Hatchimals". The way it is looking now, it is primed to be the toy of the year, maybe even the decade. People are going crazy already when the official company released the introductory video for the toy. And kids from all over the world already know what they want as a gift for this upcoming holiday season. 

Hatchimals are the newest, most mysterious and innovative toys of 2017. Little information was released about the toys before their release date. After being featured at the New York Toy Fair, the anticipation continued to grow beyond expectation. A few months after Hatchimals has been announced to the whole world, everyone has been too excited for its official release. The thing also that made it so exciting is that there are some Hatchimals that you can only get from certain stores and you won't be able to get from anywhere else. The exclusivity of the different types has been an added fun for toy collectors. 

Despite all of the buzz about Hatchimals, there is still an air of mystery about them. As of October 7th, these little guys have finally hit the market and kids all over the world are just starting to unravel the mystery. Are you ready to choose your very own Hatchimal? 

Hatchimals are poised to take the toy market by storm and be the top toy of 2017. A Hatchimal is an interactive mystical creature that will encompass the magic of friendship, and cultivate the feeling of suspense in your child, girl or boy. Despite the well-received launch, Spin Master may have underestimated the demand a little bit. Some consumers have reported trouble finding one in stock, so if this is something your little boy or girl would like we recommend snagging one while you can.

When Is the Hatchimals' RElease date?

As of October 7th, Hatchimals are finally available! Stocks are very limited, but your child's best chance to get one is online. Hatchimals are poised to take the world by storm and be under every household’s Christmas Tree this holiday season. Stocks are arriving at Amazon, Toys'R'us and Walmart every couple days, so if you don’t see them in stock keep checking back and we’ll keep you up to date. As of now, Amazon, Toys'R'us and Walmart is still the most reliable place to buy these toys as they are surely legitimate sellers and you'll be guaranteed to get your purchase. The only issue is that since the toy is in such high demand, there might be a delay because of the stocks going low. Do not worry, as when you order the toy, you will definitely get it.

However, due to New York Toy Fair recently being hosted, more information has been revealed. While it was so closely guarded nobody could take any photos or videos of the toy, many people had a positive reaction to seeing it on display. Supposedly, Hatchimals will be an interactive toy, being a unique creature aiming to capture the magic of friendship, and cultivating the feeling of a surprise. Initially, the toy will take the form of an egg, but after being held, it will hatch into a creature which interacts with the children. Hence the name “Hatchimals”.

The splash they made at the Toy Fair 2016 has even resulted in a few awards, as the toy received the “Coolest Toy Award” by Savvy Auntie, a website community focusing on providing support and tips for people whose siblings have children. Despite not being publicly launched yet, it is making waves in the toy world and is already attracting much attention.

It sounds interesting, and after seeing the success of toys like Furby’s, it is evident there is a demand in the market for this type of toy. I can easily imagine many children enjoying this toy, and it enjoying a much longer shelf life than many other products on the market. When you consider the supposed recommended retail price, it presents an affordable option for a toy that will be cherished for years to come.

What does A Hatchimal look like?

Hatchimals begin their lives in peculiar and mystifying spotted eggs. The eggs are white with purple, green, blue and pink spots, measuring approximately 10 inches tall and weigh 1.76 pounds. But this isn’t the kind of toy that children will play with and then get bored of.


After being brought home by their new owners, only by being cared for and nurtured will the Hatchimals hatch from their eggs and emerge into our world. Through a combination of time, touch and voice activation, the eggs will eventually hatch.

The best thing about it is that your kid will never know exactly how the toy will look when it comes out of the egg. Doesn't that sound so much fun? The only thing your child will know is the type of Hatchimal that they will get as that is the only option that they will you purchase Hatchimal for them. 

The interactive magical creatures that emerge from the Hatchimal eggs will then progress through 3 distinct developmental stages. Each of these steps will provide your child with a unique experience as the Hatchimal grows alongside your kid.

What makes Hatchimals even more unique is that they do not just shed their egg and emerge in the world as an old toy such as a Furby might, possessing only two life stages. Instead, we know now that with Hatchimals, there will somehow be a third, intermediate stage of development as the toy grows and develops with the help of your boy or girl. The toy is still very new on the market, and little is known about how this will be possible. For children, this mystery adds to the excitement of Hatchimals. It’s not just a mere plaything, but an adventure is waiting to happen.

This is a brand new technology for a children’s toy and is another example of toy manufacturer Spin Master’s growing innovation in the toy industry.


Everything seems set up for Hatchimals to be a success. It has already received awards, despite little information being known about the product. With a complete release schedule aimed at pushing the marketing in the run up to Christmas, I would expect come that time you will hear a lot more about this new toy. However, we will have to wait and see what the children think of this toy. Even though analysts are predicting it to be a success, if the users do not like the toy, then it may flop. However, it is unlikely that the launch or the product will be mishandled by the experienced Spin Master company.